Love is the essence of life, which affects everyone in different ways and different forms. It strikes anyone anytime and is not limited to lovers but encompasses different types of relations and admiration towards partner, parents and friends etc. Love is not merely romance or an act limited to a single person but a blanket of different emotions.

Do small things with great love because love is easy to remember. A small act of kindness will generate just as much happiness and love as some lofty acts. You don’t need to give loved one’s a castle or impress them with elaborate acts of heroism, or even be obligated to tell every minute of every day just how much you love them.  The interesting thing about these types of situations is that people can love you, without expressing it.  And quite the opposite, they can also express just how much they love you, without truly loving you. So is love a concept, feeling or action?

Some people accept love with open arms others tend to avoid it.  Oftentimes people don’t express their love towards a special someone due to the fear of losing him/her. For some love is a destination while others treat it as a way of life. Love has its own way and time to come to a person’s life. In an arrange-marriage, relationship is built first, followed by affection and attachment resulting into a long love life.

Love is a word without which life would not have been so important to live. Looking up to love makes people younger, happier and confident. So if you feel love in your heart, let it live there to motivate, guide, heal, and influence yourself and others.

You don’t lose anything by showing affection. Quite the contrary. All the love that you show makes you bigger, fuller, more connected with yourself and the world around you.

-God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham