Everything that we perceive in life is interconnected to other. In another aspect we create life moment by moment, knowingly or unknowingly. But how exactly do we know what step to take for survival? Or is it really the matter of survival or living on your own terms? Well, whether it be anything, the benchmark to judge progress resides in happiness. No one can determine the measure of your contentment or jollity. No one can decide your degree of commitment. A small accomplishment for you can be a huge milestone for another.

With every walk, you form a bridge to another chapter of your life. A vast distance can only be covered by concluding the smaller distances. A well-thought-out plan can only be executed step by step. A forethought before implementation of a plan lays a foundation stone to favorable outcomes. In order to attract positive outcomes, one must go beyond the confines. Mind works as a magnet, all that you put out in universe will reflect on your path. It is as similar as a blank book, with every new page there comes an opportunity to start fresh. Although the blank pages can only exhibit the innovative results when you come out of your shell. Comfort zone being the comfortable part of your life, it is unwise to stay locked in it as it will restrain you to be what you are capable of being. To move to a new level, you must broaden your horizon and variegate. Though it might seems difficult in the beginning but with the thorough dedication and consistency, it becomes easy to sail at times. With an aim to bear the fruit, one must nurture the tree. But even before that, one must have all the characteristics that are required to sow the seeds.

While moving forward, one must be ready to take up the responsibilities for choices they make. It’s your road and yours alone, others may walk with you, but no one can walk for you. There are no rules and there is no right, there is only what you choose on a given day relying on your consciousness. An unaltered determination is the driving force to achieve a goal but in order to reach the determined target, one needs to have a plan and to turn your vision into reality, one must follow the plan thoroughly. Enjoy the journey and embrace the detours.

-God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham