Each moment, as we live it, is the only reality. So, the past which has passed and the future which shall follow are no more than fleeting dreams. An individual who relishes the present moment, finds a space to sit and contemplate. To him/her the mystery of how and why people behave the way they do, unfolds itself. Although people can fool the world into believing their fabricated persona, those who live in the moment perceive each gesture, expression, and posture and know the truth. 

What differentiates such a person from the rest of the world? It is his/her determination to behold each moment as it comes.

Experience lies in the mind of the one who ponders. To experience is not to mindlessly do numerous things throughout life, but to feel and contemplate those numerous experiences simultaneously. We often blame others for conflict in our relationships with others, but when we embark on the journey of contemplation, we realize our own shortcomings and mistakes. The key to living is keeping our mind open, letting experiences in, and reflecting on them. A closed mind is a sign of a numb mind.

An open-minded person stays grounded to his/her reality. This grip on reality enables people to accept that the essence of who you are is never lost. Even if one goes to the length of putting on a deceptive appearance, in the end, his/her true self shall reveal itself like the sun does. Despite being hidden in a cluster of clouds. However, it is in our hands to make the most effective use of our essence to reach our dreams. If you were to aim for the moon, you would at least ensure that you have the right number of resources within your reach to do so. Similarly, if you want to achieve considerable success then you should make the best use of all the suitable qualities and skills within you. If you constantly compare yourself and focus on other people’s success, you will fail to reach “your full potential”. Therefore, get inspired not by what people have accomplished, but by how they have achieved it.

Being the best version of yourself means patiently overcoming obstacles on the path and learning from them. Constant self-doubt in difficult times will impede your success. Everything in this world cannot be achieved in a hurry, every journey is a process, and the journey we take to attain our goals is the most critical one. There are no side steps to experience and success, especially when it is achieved through fair means. Hence, life must be lived the way it comes. If you devote yourself totally to it, it will open the door to your aspirations.

-God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham