The term settling down is not unfamiliar to us. Every person at some point is faced with the question of Settling Down. It was not until recently that I was asked ‘What does settling down mean?’ And I could not help visualizing the sand that descends down to gradually rest at the base when put in a glass of water. This was probably the quickest and most apt phenomenon I could recollect. But does settling actually mean resting at a base? In that case, do we live our lives to settle down? Or live to explore different dimensions?

We tailor our life through one of the three approaches. In the first approach, we set a goal and keep moving in one direction, being ignorant of any opportunities on the way. This shows commitment to a particular goal and limits the scope, consequently making us complacent. When we tread with no specific purpose and encounter options, we grab them but do not explore them, we resort to the second approach. This is about responding and knowing that the options we chose could yield better results. Whereas in the third approach, we encounter the possibilities, grab them, and explore them thus broadening our horizons. Here, we not only respond but progress with the opportune.

Settling down is an objective term, some feel settled after achieving the desired goal, whereas, some are more inclined to strive than settle. However, it is for us to choose between living or being alive as we were not meant to live in boredom and dwell in shadows.

If settling down means reaching a point that we were already aware of, why do we opt for such an unexciting approach? Because, we do not want changes, failures, and risks. Settling down seems easier than stepping out of our comfort zone and settling for mediocrity. When we explore, we find new purposes.

The gift of life has been given to us for a short span, short enough to not settle. A quote rightly describes, “The whole concept of ‘SETTLING DOWN’ is misleading. We think we will settle down after finishing our Studies, maybe after Marriage, then we think we might settle down after being Successful, certainly after having Kids, OK after the Kids Grow Up, Life is not meant to SETTLE DOWN, Life is meant to Struggle, to Explore, to Wander, to Love, to Loose, to Learn, to Unlearn, to Fail, to Rebel, to Live. Even our ashes don’t settle, it flies away in all directions.

-God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham