World leading classification society DNV has awarded Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight and its end-to-end data infrastructure and cybersecurity its D-INF(P) and Cyber secure SP1 certifications. With these certifications, Vessel Insight is the first solution to meet the D-INF(P) end-to-end requirements. In addition to D-INF(P), DNV has approved the infrastructure with additional cyber security requirements and achieved Cyber secure Essential (SP1) approval.

“This is a very important milestone for Kongsberg Digital and the Vessel Insight team as this is a huge acknowledgement of the work we do and the products we deliver. The most important aspect of data collection from a vessel is to keep and protect the integrity of the vessel operation. This is why we invest a lot in cyber security and class validation audit and verification. As D-INF(P) is the first certificate of its kind under DNV Class, we are very proud to lead the way and get a certificate that proves that our product is of the highest level of quality and can be trusted by existing and potential clients and partners” says Sondre Mortensvik, VP Digital Ocean in Kongsberg Digital.

The Vessel Insight end-to-end solution data collection infrastructure is now type approved according to D-INF(P), of which provides customers the confidence of knowing that when they are collecting data from the ships automation system, navigation system and other sensors on board to optimize performance, the systems they are entrusting this data to has been assured to rigorous standards of the highest quality.

“With the D-INF approval DNV has verified that you can trust that the data gathered from the ship is the actual data, and that the data management process ensures that high data quality is maintained. This is vital for owners to build trust in value-chain stakeholders, from class and reporting authorities, through to insurance providers, financiers, cargo owners and charterers. In addition, as the risk of cyber-attacks continues to rise, in both frequency and sophistication, we applaud Kongsberg Digital’s decision to take the extra step for their customers and build in additional cyber security barriers to the system,” said Jarle Coll Blomhoff, Group leader Cyber Safety & Security at DNV.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News