Kongsberg Digital is proud to announce a new partnership with Lab021. The shipping data analysis company will be offering its Vessellink service on Vessel Insight in the Kognifai Marketplace.

Lab021 has been evaluated in the Korean market as the best expert group in the field of maritime digital. Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight provides a vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure, capturing and aggregating quality data in a cost-effective and secure way. Lab021’s Vessellink solution will now be an integrated part of Vessel Insight. The Vessellink solution provides powerful and convenient software, marine-specific data and analysis functions required for the shipping industries. A 24-hour intelligent system monitors the safety and efficiency of the fleet and provides an optimized alternative to responding to environmental regulations.

“We are happy to announce our new partnership with Lab021. We share common goals in digitalizing maritime industries, and this partnership will provide great value for our customers. Their Vessellink service will be a great value-add to our Vessel Insight ecosystem,” says Andreas Jagtøyen, Executive Vice President for Digital Ocean in Kongsberg Digital.

On the Kognifai Maritime Marketplace, Vessel Insight customers have access to powerful applications that turn data into value. Ship owners and operators can choose from a large variety of solutions fully integrated with Vessel Insight. One of the improved features from this partnership offered to the customers, is the combination of data from the Vessel Insight ecosystem in the Noon Report Vessellink for ship application.

Kongsberg Digital partners with Lab021 to offer Vessellink as an integrated part of Vessel Insight

It is becoming a very difficult environment for ship owners and management companies to be competitive as they directly own IT resources such as numerous data, infrastructure, software and IT maintenance teams. Therefore, it is necessary to secure ship data, operate it reliably in the cloud, utilize quality data-based tools, and apply continuously advanced functions to be cost-competitive and participate in a new carbon-neutral journey.

We are very excited and looking forward to providing Vessellink to the Korean and global market as an integrated part of Vessel Insight, and we truly hope that this will be an important milestone in achieving the ambitious mission of both companies,” says Sang Bong Lee, CEO, LAB021.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News