Testimonials Of Our Fine Efforts

As the most reliable shipping jobs portal in India, Seajob.net has always kept the principle of ethical recruitment services for seafarers on the paramount. Being the maiden venture of Sea Line Group, seajob.net established its footprints as the most trusted and premium jobs portal in the marine recruitment domain. On a parallel line, another venture of the company, the SeaAndJob Magazine has garnered popularity and credibility among its peers for being the most informative, apt, and engaging magazine in the maritime spectrum.

Continuing the legacy, in 2014, SeaAndJob began an endeavor- ‘Know Your Recruiter’ that assists both, employee and employer to come one step closer in terms of maintaining transparency. Since then we have been receiving invaluable appreciation from several reputed shipping companies.

Below are a few humbling testimonials:

MMS Maritime (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Sanjay Bhavnani, Director & COO

“Know Your Recruiter” is a step that has elevated the information dissemination efforts to a new level. The seafarers are better informed thereby helping them to make a well-informed decision. It also helps the companies to highlight their various strengths and unique points, which will certainly improve the overall communication within the industry. In addition to that, it will help the seafarers in making a suitable choice of choosing a company. We require a better interaction within the industry, better information sharing, a higher level of awareness, and that can be done by a publication that has the required credibility, as well as its presence, so it is familiar with the members of this industry.”

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“The magazine is well written and is doing a very good job. The content of this magazine is unique and distinct. Keep up with the span and depth of the coverage and also keep on examining ways and means to increase the communication level within the industry. We wish you and your magazine all the very best for the times to come!”


Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement

Capt. Sankalp Shukla, Director, BSM Crew Service Centre, India

“It is a good initiative that you have taken. I’m sure seafarers are glancing through the magazine and they need to realize there are no shortcuts to make it big in life. These illegal recruitments will only push you into more trouble. This initiative is the answer to the queries of seafarers as it is directly coming from the top management of the company.”

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“Fantastic! Over the years Seajob.net has managed to build up quite the confidence in us. The CVs that we get through Seajob.net are by far the best in the Indian industry, considering the quality and the authenticity of the CV. There are many job portals that exist. But the reliance and the kind of dependence that we have on Seajob.net cannot be replaced. As far as the magazine goes, I think, the magazine is good because you take up issues such as ‘Know Your Recruiter’. Rather than only companies speaking of their requirements, you try to get to the soul of what the company is through these interviews, and that is what has been put across to the seafarers.”


Synergy Maritime Recruitment Services Pvt. Ltd.

-Capt. Anshul Rajvanshi, Managing Director


“It is a very good initiative to spread awareness among the seafarers. It is always better to know about the company, its values, and its culture before joining the organization.”




Pacific Manning Agency- PIL

Capt. Kaushik Bhatnagar, India Head, PMA

KYR is a great initiative to spread awareness among the seafarers. I believe it is important to be aware of the company, its values, and culture before joining. SEAANDJOB has taken a huge step in the right direction as such initiatives also help companies like us to promote transparency and directly connect with the seafarers.”




Dynacom Tankers Management Private Limited

– Capt. Mohan Naik, Director

“It is an excellent initiative. Candidates can evaluate their options in terms of their prospective companies. It also helps them with deciding on which company would be most suitable for them. I guess this initiative will soon curb the fraudulent activities by spreading great awareness. It’s a double-edged weapon I must say!”

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“We have been associated with Seajob.net since its inception. For us, seajob.net and Sea and Job magazine is an extended family. All we would like to say is- Great going! Keep up with the great services and initiatives.”


Shan Ship Management Private Limited

Mr. Sunil Dsouza, Director

Mr. Surinder Singh, Director

“This is a fantastic initiative taken by your magazine. Nowadays, many seafarers are being duped by fraudulent agents. This practice needs to be busted and I feel this initiative is going in the right direction which is helping unaware seafarers to have a better understanding about the company and the people involved. Great going, keep up with this, and spread as much awareness as possible.”

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“Seajob.net and SEA AND JOB Magazine have been like supporting pillars to shipping companies. It has helped many people and companies to overcome challenges like recruitment. Because of this, our job has become much easier as candidates come knocking at the door, and even as a company we get access verified and reliable database of seafarers.”


Zodiac Maritime Agencies (India) Pvt. Ltd.

– Capt. Rakesh Coelho, Representative Manager

“SEA AND JOB magazine is read by the maximum number of seafarers and especially by beginners, who should know whom they are dealing with. I feel this is a fantastic initiative by SEA AND JOB as it focuses on solving the woes of seafarers which can help them in the long run.”

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“This is the best thing that happened to the marine industry. It is the best online shipping job portal and shipping magazine which never goes stagnant but keeps on growing in the upward direction. The shipping industry expects a lot more from SEA AND JOB in the future.”



Dockendale Ship Management (India) Pvt Ltd

Mr. Subrat Mukherjee, General Manager (Manning)

Excellent! I was very happy when SEA AND JOB had started this campaign. In this initiative, you have exactly pinpointed the information a seafarer would like to know about the company. It has helped them choose the right path. Keep up and continue with the initiative.”





SSS Maritime Services & Consultants Pvt Ltd

Capt. Shashi Kumar Pillai, Managing Director

“I have known Seajob for a long time. It has reached where it is today through sheer hard work and dedication. The success of Seajob is solely due to the output it provides as per requirements. Besides Seajob has only improved and grown with time and has introduced various new features for the seafarers and companies to mention some like Seajob Mobile App, user-friendly website, and others. Seajob is now an integral part of the Shipping industry and will always be close to our hearts.”



Naz Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.

Capt. Connel Nazareth, Director

“This is a great way to connect with the seafarers. The ‘Know Your Recruiter’ campaign puts much-needed transparency in the employee- employment system. It gives scope to the employee to know the vision of recruitment companies and the thought process at various levels of their Management.”




OSM India Crew Management Pvt. Ltd.

Capt. Vipan Talwar, Director

This initiative speaks very well of every company’s policies, values and procedures which is of great help to the seafarers seeking opportunities of employment. It will broaden their perspective regarding the company and I wish SEAANDJOB Magazine all the best with this project.”




Darya Shipmanagement Private Limited

-Capt. Rajesh Deshwal, CEO

SEA AND JOB have taken a great initiative in starting a regular feature of ‘Know Your Recruiter’. It will certainly help in bridging the information gap between the seafarers and the shipping companies.”

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“SEA AND JOB Magazine is one of India’s premier shipping magazines catering to various stakeholders in the industry. It is the most sought after magazine equally by RPSL companies and the seafarers. With a variety of useful information, various articles on regulations, interviews, etc., it is the first choice of the readers.”


Genmarco Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.

Capt. Ravi L. Pawar, Managing Director

“It is a great initiative that will provide a broader perspective to seafarers regarding the recruitment activities of various shipping companies. I believe, SEAANDJOB is one of the leading shipping magazines published in India. I wish the team all the best for this initiative.”




We express our deep gratitude towards all the companies that encouraged us throughout this journey and gave us the reason to continue.

Readers are welcome to express their views, on the ‘Know Your Recruiter’ initiative by us, in the comment section.

Thank you!