Decarbonization is a question of technology options, and a question of priorities and regulatory frameworks. At Klaveness, we believe that knowledge of trends, organizations and processes that are involved in decarbonizing shipping will enable our people to be an even more informed discussion partner for our clients.

To meet this ambition, earlier this month Klaveness Academy launched the next stage in its decarbonization program for onshore personnel centered around regulation and frameworks. The learning path provides an overview of the main policy and regulatory trends impacting shipping decarbonization and offers advanced knowledge of policy trends as well as concrete regulatory instruments. The program ‘Decarbonization by Klaveness Academy’ was launched earlier this year, beginning with the Foundation learning path for all onshore personnel in Klaveness to complete. The program now consists of some 10 hours of new videos, presentations, articles, and quizzes, organized into 12 courses.

“We believe all levels of the organization, from daily operations to upper management, should have the opportunity to fully understand what it takes to decarbonize shipping and develop their skills and competence to improve climate-driven decision making in their work,” says Head of ZeroLab and co-architect of the program Martin Prokosch.

Klaveness Academy’s goal is to stimulate knowledge sharing within the organization and give employees an opportunity to participate in training to further build their skills and competences to meet the challenges of the future. “The Academy promotes our belief that equipping people with the right skills and tools at the right time is the most useful approach to growth and development and uses real-life examples, problems and challenges employees could encounter in everyday work,” adds Head of HR Trine Hellum.

Due to external interest Klaveness has made the previous course available to selected individuals, though currently has no ambitions to produce it as a commercial product.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News