Japan’s K Line and Agencias Universales Perú S.A. (AGUNSA Peru), have started full scale automobile logistics business in Lima, Peru, a 50-50 joint venture company S.A.C. (KAR Peru).

“Although there was a temporary decrease in sales due to the COVID-19, we anticipate that automobile sales and imports will improve and expand in the medium to long term. In order to meet the increasing demand for services associated with the transportation of finished vehicles, KAR Peru will provide comprehensive logistics services for finished vehicles to importers and dealers,” K Line said in a statement.

In 2017, K Line established KAR Logistics S.A., a joint venture with the Chilean logistics company Agencias Universales S.A. (AGUNSA) which handles total logistics services in Chile and other South and Latin America, to start automobile logistics business in Chile.

By utilising the experience and know-how gained in Chile, K Line established KAR Peru with AGUNSA Peru, a subsidiary of AGUNSA to expand business in South and Latin America.

K Line Group places Logistics Business as a stable profit-making sector in its Management Plan, and by following this strategy, K Line is further enhancing its Automobile Logistics Business that is already in operation in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Chile.

Source: Seatrade Maritime