Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” LINE) has introduced a new AI-based cyber security platform, “Cybereason”, which is provided by “Cybereason Japan Corp.” (Head office: Chuo-Ku, Tokyo), and adopted their monitoring/analysis service, “Cybereason MDR (Managed Detection & Response) service”, to enhance the cyber security of ship-shore communication in the ships managed by the “K” LINE Group ship management companies in anticipation of developing our ship DX strategy.

Nowadays, it has become quite difficult to prevent highly sophisticated cyber-attacks by the ship’s conventional security solutions such as anti-virus software and firewalls, which have been the main security measures for ships. In order to enhance the ship’s preventive security
measures against intrusions and strengthen the response after intrusions, we have introduced a new cyber security platform, “Cybereason”.

It includes NGAV (Next Generation Anti-Virus *1), which can prevent all types of malware, and EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response *2), which is able to detect and respond to cyber threats that have slipped through conventional security solutions. In addition, the cyber security experts monitor the shipboard security 24/7 through

“Cybereason MDR service.” This unified cyber security platform and security monitoring service surely help to enhance the shipboard cyber resilience of our vessels both before and after any threat intrusions.

“Safety” is top priority for “K” LINE group services, whose core business centered on shipping.
“K” LINE will provide the safest and best maritime transport service by strengthening protection against cyber risks.

< Cybereason Japan Corp. >
Cybereason Japan Corp. is the Japan office of Cybereason Inc., which is headquartered in Boston, United States of America, with customers in over 40 countries worldwide, and was established in 2016 to provide the Cyber Defense Platform “Cybereason” for the Japanese market. It builds machine learning engines and graph processing systems that deeply andmultilaterally analyze huge amounts of data within companies and organizations, and they provide a cyber-attack prevention platform that visualizes and prevents increasingly
complex and sophisticated cyber threats.

*1 NGAV (Next Generation Anti-Virus)
Next generation anti-virus solutions that detect and block all types of malware, including known and unknown malware, ransomware and fileless malware by malicious PowerShell, with dedicated defense layers such as signature-based and machine learning.

*2 EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response)
This service detects and responds to cyber-attacks in real-time by continuously monitoring the endpoint environment and analyzing the behavior of attacks by a unique AI-based analysis engine.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News