INTERCARGO is calling on IMO, member states and governments to engage effectively with the involved countries and local authorities to ensure safe passage out of danger for ships and their crews.

The vast majority of ships trapped off Ukraine are bulkers carrying essential grain cargoes, such as wheat and corn, and strategic coal cargoes required to meet energy needs.

Indeed, it must be remembered that Ukraine & Russia account for much significant shares of global exports for such essential goods.

Dry bulk owners are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their crews and their vessels, but it is now time for authorities to step in and provide:

A safe maritime corridor to enable ships to sail out of the area,

Safe land corridors to get crews back aboard the ships that need to sail away.

Our Association has cosponsored, with industry partners, a paper submission to IMO on how seafarers’ safety, security, and welfare have been impacted and developing a series of pragmatic and practical solutions.

INTERCARGO is grateful to crew nations, adjacent countries, port states and flag states for their ongoing support, but more coordination is needed if we are to ensure the safety of crews and ships.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News