MHI-MME offers a service menu for the installation of an Engine Power Limitation (EPL) system on main turbines, which many owners are planning to install on existing ships as a solution to meet EEXI Regulations (Note 1).

After January 1, 2023, ships currently in operation need to be EEXI compliant by its first annual, intermediate, or renewal survey of its IAPP Certificate, whichever comes first. This is resulting in an increase of inquiries on EPL systems. In the meantime, current shortage of semiconductors and resins has been causing prolonged delivery lead time of necessary parts for the installation.

In these circumstances, MHI-MME had started proposing EPL system to owners of approximately 90 ships that are powered by MHI main turbines in order to fulfill EEXI compliance of those sips by the deadline.

Basic Concept of Engine Power Limitation

MHI-MME will continue to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions by the maritime industry by further upgrading and expanding its menu for enabling compliance with the new regulations.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News