The International Maritime Employers’ Council (IMEC) has launched a Competency Management System for Ratings (CMS-R), having commissioned Ocean Technologies Group to develop these specific competencies in 2020.

CMS-R will be exclusive to IMEC members and is designed to be compatible with both Ocean and other competency management software solutions.

While there have been clear career paths for the most able Ratings to be promoted to officer level, these newly developed competencies recognise the fact that the roles of Ratings are multi-faceted and the skills required are varied and becoming increasingly sophisticated as the industry embraces new technology.

CMS-R will assess a Ratings existing level of competency and then map out a clearly defined path of the required proficiencies needed for promotion within Rating level ranks.

The system is also flexible enough to give Ratings the option to follow different career paths, depending on their personal preferences, while covering all the core skills for specific ranks as well as STCW competencies such as safety and security.

“A common trend reported by the IMEC members over recent years, is the developing competencies required by Ratings. Whereas previous crewing strategies may have involved the upgrading of the most competent Ratings to become Officers, today’s complex ships require highly trained Senior Ratings to undertake more sophisticated tasks, often using digital technology. The CMS-R will ensure that IMEC members have access to a free tool to contribute to the professional development of their seafarers” said Mr. Joern Clodius, Training Director of the Marlow Navigation Group and Chairman of the IMEC Recruitment and Training Committee.

Adam Lewis, IMEC’s Head of Training and Operations

Mr. Adam Lewis, IMEC’s Head of Training and Operations, added:
“The CMS-R took around two years from the initial concept to being rolled out to members. IMEC would like to thank its members who made up the internal working group and worked alongside the Ocean Technologies Group subject matter experts, to create this unique tool, dedicated to Ratings.”

Speaking about Ocean Technologies Group’s involvement in the project, Mr. Raal Harris OTG’s Group Creative Director commented:
“I’d like to thank IMEC for giving Ocean Technologies Group the opportunity to work on such an important and progressive initiative. We share the belief that companies will benefit from investing in the skills and competencies of their Ratings and hope that this comprehensive and diverse set of competencies will equip Ratings with the specific sets of skills and knowledge they need to develop in their chosen career paths.”

Source: Hellenic Shipping News