Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) has joined hands with Seoul National University (SNU) to foster artificial intelligence (AI) professionals and technology for future growth.

Hyundai and SNU signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to cooperate in AI technology for heavy industry use at the school’s administrative building in Seoul, Wednesday.

The signing ceremony was attended by HHI Chairman Kwon Oh-gap, Senior Vice President Chung Ki-sun, Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering future technology research head Kim Sung-jun and SNU President Oh Se-jung.

“As trends in the shipbuilding industry continue to change, acquiring future-technology professionals has become a key factor in maintaining our competitiveness,” Kwon said. “Our group will focus on preemptive AI technology development and foster specialists to drastically increase our capabilities.”

Through the MOU, HHHI and SNU will seek to develop next-generation ships and conduct joint research to construct smart shipyards, develop educational programs and help foster AI professionals.

The company will pursue joint research with SNU’s shipbuilding and marine engineering department in the fields of autonomous navigation, environmentally friendly and highly efficient ship development, while combining AI and manufacturing technology to promote growth in the industry.
HHI said its Global R&D Center, set for completion in 2022, will be used for the joint research, while SNU will establish a graduate school curriculum to train specialists. From the latter half of 2022, a heavy industries AI curriculum will be offered by SNU with HHI covering tuition. Graduates will be given benefits and incentives when applying to the company.

Through the MOU, HHI said it will be able to secure researchers and AI specialists.

“We will be able to respond to the ever-changing paradigm of the fourth industrial revolution by educating top class researchers at SNU, along with Hyundai Heavy Industries Group’s state-of-the-art smart heavy industries technologies,” the SNU president said. “Through the MOU, we hope to create innovative growth opportunities and become a role model for the industry and academia.”

In February, HHI partnered with KT and KAIST to form the AI One Team to conduct joint research and development.

Source: Hellenic Shipping