Hyde Marine, one of the world’s most cutting-edge Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) manufacturers, is proud to announce the Hyde GUARDIAN Data Log Analysis Utility (DLAU) – the ballast water industry’s first and most comprehensive data-driven analytics platform as a part of the company’s interlocking suite of aftermarket services. 

DLAU is a cloud-based, IoT solution empowering recurring Hyde GUARDIAN BWTS health monitoring, standardized performance reporting, and options for enhanced, fleet-wide environmental compliance management.

“With DLAU, Hyde Marine has again raised the bar with the value vessel operators should expect from BWTS equipment suppliers. From integrated remote access technology to indicative compliance testing to BWTS operational simulation to automated data analytics and performance reporting – these Technical Solutions provide vessels with the resources they need to achieve peak performance with respect to ballast water regulations,” says Chris Todd, Executive Director of Hyde Marine.

“A key feature of our new DLAU is that it empowers equipment operators to easily track performance of their BWTS and, when necessary, to proactively identify maintenance tasks before problems arise,” says Vince Page, Hyde Marine Technical Solutions Manager. “With each submission of data, a performance report comprising 30 days of BWTS operational history is automatically supplied to the vessel via e-mail.” 

According to Page, the analysis performed by DLAU is also forwarded to Hyde Marine’s Technical Support team for review and consideration. If recommendations for corrective action or improved performance tunings are identified, these are proactively communicated to the vessel and can be immediately applied to the BWTS via remote access technology.

“In this way, the pairing of Hyde Marine’s Remote Access Technology with DLAU establishes a complete and closed-loop support system aimed at keeping the BWTS operating at peak performance,” adds Page.

The Hyde GUARDIAN–US (Universal Service) BWTS, with its interlocking suite of support services, is the next revolutionary step across the ballast water treatment industry – designed to drive vessel performance for global ballast water compliance and to change the range and ease by which shipowners and operators can combat the spread of aquatic invasive species.

With both IMO and USCG Type Approvals, the Hyde GUARDIAN-US BWTS harnesses the scientifically proven process of dose-methodology to ensure the proper amount of Ultraviolet (UV) light is transmitted to treat ballast water, even in the most challenging waters around the world.

The interlocking suite of services supporting the Hyde GUARDIAN-US BWTS include:

  • Installation Consultation – Video consult with our team of experts and set yourself on track for success from the beginning.
  • Operational Simulation & Training – Experience simulated interaction with the GUARDIAN-US BWTS with full flexibility to emulate real-world operational conditions.
  • Remote Access Technology – Secure support, operational tuning, and software updates anytime/anywhere to remain at peak performance during port visits.
  • Data Log Analysis Utility (DLAU) – Collect ongoing GUARDIAN BWTS performance feedback to set your course and identify system maintenance needs before becoming problematic.
  • Indicative Testing – Analyze your ballast water and ensure your vessel remains compliant when it matters most.

“This is the future, available now, for ensuring optimal performance of your ballast water treatment system at virtually any port in the world,“ says Todd. “With the Hyde GUARDIAN–US BWTS, Hyde Marine’s more than 100 years of maritime technology leadership and performance is always on-board.”

Source: The Maritime Executive