Hamburg Süd is implementing changes to its West Coast South America (WCSA), Caribbean and Central America markets to/from Northern Europe, from January 2022.

The shipping line will continue to deploy three dedicated services from/to Northern Europe with increased service provision and improved transit times, with the following adjustments:

– The ‘EMCS’ service will become the Costa Rica Express (CRX) service and will remain largely unchanged with the addition of calls at the ports of Veracruz and Altamira in Mexico.

– The Chile Express (‘CLX’) service will continue to provide a fast and direct connection between Northern Europe, Peru, and Chile.

– Hamburg Süd will also introduce the Colombia Express (COEX) service, which offers a unique service from Northern Europe to the Caribbean and Mexico.

– The Ecubex service will cease to operate as of January 2022, whereby Mexico will be covered by Costa Rica Express (CRX) and Colombia Express (COEX).

– The Eurosal service will remain unchanged.

Hamburg Süd said these decisions had not been taken lightly and would work to minimise any negative impact on customers’ supply chains that may result from the changes.

In addition, additional details will be communicated during November 2021, providing customers with adequate time for planning.

Source: Seatrade Maritime News