Fjord Line is continuing its successful strategic partnership with Telenor Maritime. Today, they are extending the agreement for the entire fleet for onboard mobile services by five new years. It will be five exciting years of developing and enabling new digital technologies, giving the com- pany more business opportunities and better passenger experience on board all four ships included in the agreement.

FSTR means faster

Speed is a strong competitive factor in the ferry business, as it is in the telecom- munication industry. When Fjord Line soon puts its new super-fast catamaran FSTR into ordinary scheduled traffic between Kristiansand and Hirtshals, Tele- nor Maritime will deliver 3G/4G mobile systems. The vessel is fitted with high quality communication technology, ensuring all users a fast and reliable mobile connectivity. Telenor Maritime’s solutions provide passengers and crew with the same opportunities and user experience at sea as expected on land.

Cost predictibility

Though the cost of maritime mobile usage has received a lot of negative me- dia attention in the past, roaming prices have been sharply reduced in recent years and bill shocks are now history. Most of the Nordic countries’ major mobile operators offer maritime roaming packages with complete control on cost and usage. The result is control and cost predictability for the end customers.

Building trust

Telenor Maritime is a forward-looking and innovation-driven company; techno- logically at the forefront of providing their customers with the best solutions the market can offer. The company is driving maritime digitalisation forward and is an essential enabler in the green shift. Although a high-tech company, Telenor Maritime is deeply committed to fulfilling and delivering upon their most critical customer need: trust. Trust is proven through the availability and support from the Telenor Maritime team, as well as through the quality and high uptime of their systems. And not least through renewed agreements with loyal, satisfied customers and partners.

“In a period of pandemic and major challenges for the ferry and cruise line companies, we greatly appreciate that our customers choose to continue their cooperation with Telenor Maritime as a partner and provider of connectivity and digital services towards the green shift,” said Lars Erik Lunøe CEO at Telenor Maritime. “The last in a line of renewed contracts are Fjord Line, which we have had a relationship with since 2007. We thank you for the renewed trust, at the same time as we congratulate you on the new ship. We are happy and proud of every partnership agreement that is extended. It is a confirmation that a relationship is good and sustainable for both parties, and it gives us an opportunity to deliver an even higher quality of service in the future. Thank you very much, Fjord Line.”

“In 2021, Fjord Line’s brand new high-speed catamaran Fjord FSTR will be put into service between Kristiansand and Hirt- shals. Telenor Maritime will equip the vessel with world-class mobile technology to the delight of passengers and crew,” said Roald Rossnes

CDO at Fjord Line. “FSTR means faster. The ship will carry passengers across the Skagerrak comfortably at high speed, with a reliable and world-class mobile coverage providing fast 3G/4G mobile broadband connections for our passengers. With this new ship, Fjord Line consolidates its leading role in the transition to the low-emission society and the maritime green shift.”

Source: Hellenic Shipping