We have often heard the saying, “First Impression is the last impression” but remember there’s also a saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I do not think that a first impression is the lasting one. I think if anyone goes by the premise that the first impression is the last then the person is limiting the process of getting to know humans, as we are complex beings. Our day-to-day interactions, choices we make, and personality are more important. A good or bad first impression can be quickly eviscerated by these.

Our opinions depend on our individual experiences, which define our attitude towards life. We can’t correctly judge a person in a few meetings, let alone the first one. I will share an incident that happened years ago when I was a seafarer and had met with an accident on board. Due to the injuries I sustained, arrangements were made for me to go back home. As per custom, the wheel-bound individuals were to board the plane first. Before the final call, a lady with an infant carrying two heavy bags came rushing. She looked around and asked me to help her keep the luggage in the cabin above. I looked at her helplessly, knowing I wasn’t in the position to help her. I nodded my head with great pain saying ‘No!’. Her reaction told me everything. She furiously seated the baby and lifted both the baggage one by one with a seething expression.

The plane took off and after few hours landed at Mumbai Airport. An announcement was made that wheel-bound individuals will get off the plane first. The wheelchair was brought in front of me and I was helped to get on the wheelchair. Seeing this, the lady was embarrassed and got up to apologize. Her first impression of dislike towards me vanished and she had clearly formed a better impression.

From that instance, I don’t rely on the first impression of a person. Instead, I study that person for some time, because I know it might change with time. Some quotes remain just as quotes. So, don’t be too quick to judge others. Our view of others can change in a fraction of a minute (if realized).

In today’s day-to-day life, to maintain a good impression, people should reciprocate each other’s feelings as people’s behavior can change towards you in different situations – affecting your long-term alliance. Life is unpredictable, and situations have a way to surprise us; but a timely, careful response can make or break the relation.

–God Bless you

Mr. Roni Abraham