Have you ever observed a toddler, learning to walk? The numerous times it has to fall before mastering the simple art of walking! Well, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that you can’t learn to walk without falling over. If this can stand for elementary experiences in life, then it is safe to presume that experience whether it is good or bad, it is a vital part of life.

The famous saying, “No Pain, No Gain ” is more than an adage on suffering. When you are prepared to sacrifice then in return you are able to procure a beneficial place – either professionally or personally. The saying highlights that ‘sacrifice’ is an exchange and not an absolute loss and suffering. The most essential part of experiencing life is to have the heart to do so. Though seemingly simple, being fearless is a brave choice. To constantly defeat one’s fear in order to experience life is extraordinary. Growth is inherent in these exceptional acts of bravery. In cricket, it is easier to hit the ball while it is coming in your direction, as opposed to when it is drifting away. Similarly, your ideas have to align with your goal.

The more vivid experiences you gather, the better your determination to achieve grows. The essence of living to the fullest is to be devoted, your success is always proportional to the devotion you have towards a purpose. But determination comes with its own set of problems, and not giving up is the most essential commitment. Experiences and dedication teach us to remain humble and look at the bigger picture.

Some people don’t follow either and subsequently, get whirled into petty and selfish intentions and lose the sight of the bigger picture which would have been beneficial for them to begin with. “Missing the woods for the trees”- obsessing over trivial gains, unusually leads to neglecting far more worthy opportunities.

The arrogance in ignorant people corrupts not just the world around them but also the one within them.

Accomplishment will walk towards you when you dare to bring your ideas closer to your purpose. It is true that in life we don’t get what we want, because sometimes we obsess over the fruit, rather than on the journey of attaining that fruit. Every morning we don’t plan the day according to what life will be 20 years down the line. We do our best each day and hope that the fruit of our efforts will ripen itself.

-God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham