Italian Bulk Carrier Cristin was stopped midway after an engine room accident, as per sources. The vessel was stopped due to an accident in the engine room in the Mediterranean South of Crete, Greece, while it was voyaging from Damietta Egypt to Barletta Italy, with a cargo of 6280 metric tonnes of fertilizers.

The ship was disabled due to some engine failure, but the issue was repaired by the crew members and the vessel resumed the voyage on September 12th. Some patrol boats were provided by the coastal authorities for standby in case of danger. But the ship had to move close to Crete as one crew and one oiler was injured due to the accident and was needed urgent medical assistance.

With the help of the Hellenic Coast Guard, the injured crew was airlifted by helicopter to the hospital by Greek Air Force from the Italian flagged bulk carrier Cristin .

The cause of engine failure was unknown but was predicted to be an explosion from the machinery spaces inside the engine room.

As the ship moved close to Crete on September 12, the 28-year-old injured Filipino crew was picked up by helicopter and was about to be taken to the Heliport and was treated at University General Hospital of Crete. Later he was taken by an EKAB ambulance to the Venizelio, General Hospital of Crete.

Italian flagged Bulk carrier Cristin , IMO 9455985 having dwt 7300, was built in the year 2008 and is managed MGD SHIPPING SPA.

Source:- Marine Insight