The Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre (EMAC) has appointed Captain Jitendra Misra to its executive committee.

Capt Jitendra is Managing Director of Emarat Maritime and also a member of EMAC’s board of trustees.

“EMAC’s executive committee currently comprises of two internationally recognised lawyers; Richard Briggs, Executive Partner at Hadef & Partners and Rania Tadros, Managing Partner of Ince Dubai.  Capt. Jitendra has a lifetime of maritime experience that gives us a well-rounded committee to support the light touch case management we offer and EMAC’s overall growth”, said Chairman of the board of trustees and executive committee, Majid bin Bashir.

EMAC’s executive committee is nominated by the board of trustees annually to provide advisory on updates to the EMAC Arbitration and Mediation Rules, ensure that the secretariat complies with the statute, approves and monitors panel applications.

Captain Jitendra said: “I am delighted to have been appointed to join the Executive Committee of EMAC;  I look forward to taking up my position and being part of this committee that brings further assurance to providing excellence in maritime arbitration and mediation.”

Source: Seatrade Maritime