Singapore has crossed the 100,000 mark for crew change carried out at the port during the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, according to the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).

“Recognising the importance of ensuring that international trade and the flow of supplies into Singapore remain uninterrupted amidst the pandemic, MPA continues to facilitate crew changes for ships of all flags and crew of various nationalities through a ‘safe corridor’. MPA has been working together with the unions, industry, and international partners, on crew change protocols that safeguard both seafarers and the local community,” the MPA stated.

To-date, since 27 March 2020, MPA has facilitated 100,000 sign-on and sign-off crew of all nationalities from ships of different flags involving more than 5,000 companies and 6,700 ships.

The 50,000 mark for crew change was crossed last November when MPA announced crew changes of 50,821 since 27 March 2020.

Singapore is currently handling 500-600 crew changes a day, compared to pre-Covid-19 levels of around 800 a day.

Source: Seatrade Maritime