Cosco Shipping Ports has sold a minority stake in Euromax Terminal to Navigator Investco, to the investment platform for the company and Silk Road Fund.

In 2019, Cosco Shipping Ports established a wholly-owned subsidiary Navigator Investco Limited in Hong Kong as an investment platform for the company and Silk Road Fund to invest in port assets and related upstream and downstream businesses. 

Cosco Shipping Ports and Navigator Investco have entered into an agreement, and Cosco Shipping Ports will sell all the shares of Cosco Shipping Ports (Rotterdam) to Navigator Investco. 

Cosco Shipping Ports (Rotterdam) is a 35% shareholder in the Euromax Terminal. After the transaction is completed, Navigator Investco will become an indirect shareholder of Euromax Terminal with 35% stake through Rotterdam company. 

Cosco Shipping Ports is committed to the establishment of global terminal network. The cooperation with Silk Road Fund will maximize the advantages of the integration of the industry and finance, commented Cosco Shipping Ports.

Source: Seatrade Maritime News