Corvus Energy, the global leading supplier of zero-emission solutions for the ocean space, is now offering a global lease financing product in cooperation with Viridis Kapital.

“We are pleased to offer our customers a leasing solution tailor-made to fit the operating cashflow of their business,” says Halvard Hauso, CCO of Corvus Energy.

“In almost all vessel segments, leasing can be a new business model for both containerized ESS solutions as well as ESSs in dedicated battery rooms,” Hauso continues. “We believe this new offering will accelerate the shift towards zero-emission solutions on both retrofits and newbuilds.”

Traditional equipment-secured bank financing may not always be available and often requires a large upfront equity commitment. With a leasing solution, the investment barrier for shipowners is reduced.

Halvard Hauso lists several advantages:

– No upfront capital investment and competitive rates lead to a financially efficient solution.
– Write down of equipment in line with loss of equipment value.
– Improved liquidity as the equipment acquisition cost is distributed over the period of use / earnings.
– Full rights of use. Equipment use generate income and savings – not the ownership.
– Maximize operating capital. Better ratio on balance sheets and higher tax reduction.

On January 19th, 2021 Corvus Energy also announced the introduction of the Corvus BOB, a containerized battery room solution for maximum flexibility in Battery-On-Board (BOB) vessel applications. The pre-approved battery room simplifies integration into any system integrator’s power management system on board a ship.

“Battery is the enabler for all future fuels. The Corvus BOB along with leasing options will make it easier for shipowners to invest in green technology to modernize their fleets. Both the Battery-On-Board and our new leasing solution will help push the green transition towards a more sustainable shipping industry,” says Halvard Hauso.

Halvard Hauso, CCO of Corvus Energy believes new business models will help accelerate the shipping industry’s shift to green energy.

Corvus Energy’s offer for leasing is launched in cooperation with Viridis Kapital, a privately owned Norwegian leasing company, specializing in financing of capital intensive equipment which is contributing to the green transformation.

Viridis Kapital is very proud to work with one of the maritime industry’s technology leaders in emissions reduction and energy optimization. For each Corvus installation, where we can be one of the enablers, the direct result is a significant and immediate reduction in CO2 emissions,” says Ulrik Engelschiøn, Chairman of Viridis Kapital.

Source: Hellenic Shipping