Confidence is a belief that determines our ability to overcome all weakness and limitations while understanding and analyzing complex situations and thoroughly doing what we want. The attribute of confidence and reliability can never be taught by anyone, it only depends on the degree of belief we have in our own capabilities.

The element of confidence attracts people around us, it influences others and assist us in controlling our emotions and behavior. What we believe in, will define where we can stand going ahead. It is as similar as ‘Law of Attraction’, what we believe in will always come to us in one way or the other, no matter how long it takes, our faith help us to see what our eyes cannot perceive. We might not control external affairs but we can undoubtedly set our priorities. Confidence provide us with a helping hand to set realistic goals and motivation. All it takes is one moment to decide whether we can do it or not. That one moment where we go beyond self-doubt and insecurities and hold on to our belief. Our attitude towards a certain situation defines the level of patience, determination and the length we go can go to.

Being clear-headed spare us critical self-talk and opens up the possibility of expanded awareness while lack of confidence can delay people’s performance, life and the success. Now, confidence doesn’t mean we are better than everyone, it only means that we are not ready to give up!Thinking of future while questioning today will never bear a fruit, the continuous thought resulting in over expectations will dishearten us. Tomorrow is created by the actions we take today, so instead of mourning yesterday, work today with a vision for tomorrow. Comparing oneself with others is the source of dissatisfaction, everyone has a different journey and destiny, being confident about our road, should be the prime focus. We will arrive at our destination automatically, all we need to know today is to acknowledge our course and keep walking. As famously said ‘It’s your road and yours alone, others may walk it with you but no one can walk it for you’. The confidence is a key to success, one cannot expect others to confide in him unless he believe in what he do.

Every individual experiences a different set of emotions, may it be fear or the absence of consideration. It is absolutely fine to feel and fear but it is unacceptable to give in to those emotions and undermine ourselves. Low self-confidence often leads to errors in thinking, it keeps on dwelling on the past resulting in low morale and self-esteem. Though confidence is better than perfection, it becomes significant to know the difference between confidence and overconfidence. Overconfidence sets a base for negativity in life, we become bias and overlook other possibilities which ultimately overshadow our potential leading to failures. So, one should be confident about his personality.

God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham