U.S. LNG exporter and producer Cheniere Energy will begin providing its LNG customers with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data associated with each LNG cargo produced at the company’s Sabine Pass and Corpus Christi facilities.

The cargo emissions tags (CE Tags) are made to enhance environmental transparency by quantifying the estimated GHG emissions of LNG cargoes from the wellhead to the cargo delivery point. They are expected to be ready for customers in 2022.

The CE Tags will be calculated utilizing Cheniere’s proprietary lifecycle analysis (LCA) model. It will utilize publicly available data from value chain participants, as well as operational data from both the Sabine Pass and Corpus Christi liquefaction facilities.

Jack Fusco, Cheniere’s president and CEO said: “We believe significantly enhanced data-driven emissions transparency will support Cheniere, our customers and our suppliers as we work to identify tangible opportunities to quantify and improve environmental performance. We consider this announcement to be a critical first step for the industry. Cheniere will continuously work to improve the data incorporated in the CE Tags with the ultimate goal of providing dynamic GHG emissions data.”

“Cheniere is ideally positioned to collaborate with domestic and international value chain participants to provide improved transparency and advance the global transition to a lower-carbon future,” he added.

Source: Offshore Energy