In this edition, we have stated few acts which can land seafarers in a serious predicament and can be considered as an offence under the code of conduct in merchant navy.

Working on a ship is like working on a small floating place altogether, with a limited number of resources. And to maintain the righteous chain of work in such condition, a strict code of conducts ought to be followed on board.

If in case, codes are breached, seafarers might face legal actions or can even have permanent dismissal from his or her sea job.

We have listed down number of acts which are considered severe and can lead to dismissal of the crew if found guilty. (Source: – Marine insight)

  1. Intentional acts that can occur damage
  • If any seafarer on board intentionally performs any erroneous activity like polluting the marine environment which can endanger the marine species or ocean overall; or if any seafarer is involved in resulting damage to ship’s property/equipment.
  • Also, if any person onboard hides his/her major health problem and reveal it while being at sea can also be considered as a legal offence. It is important to disclose all medical history to the doctor during the check-up before joining the ship.
  • As aforementioned, any damage to the ship equipment or cargo can take seafarers behind bars as smoking in no smoking zone or near dangerous goods because it carries a high risk of flammability.
  1. Duty related offenses onboard
  • Denying work on board as specified in the ISM code of the Company, persistently showing nonchalance attitude towards one’s assigned duty, or Sleeping/avoiding work during the duty period can represent seafarer as non-complaint and does not deserve to pay his or her dues.
  • Another serious offense regarding duty onboard is you cannot report your work after consuming alcohol or under the effect of alcohol.
  • Being on board you need to maintain the hierarchy and cannot disregard orders of seniors related to ship’s safety.
  • Like any other workplace, there can be differences between the staff, but it supposed to be resolved professionally and not by assaulting to fellow members and threatening behaviour.
  1. Unlawful possession of hazardous products:
  • Vessel or crew of the vessel involved in carrying out perilous products illegally such as drugs, alcohol or any chemical gases.
  • Involvement in act of smuggling.
  • Possession of arms and weapons without permission of concerned government.

Comes under serious criminal offenses.

Indeed this list is incomplete, there are several other acts that can make seafarer suffer life imprisonment. Such as, conduct of sexual abuse which may harm the dignity of fellow women or men at work or passengers onboard; offending fellow crew members in terms of their religion or nationality; allowing or bringing unauthorized person onboard while at sea and many other.

We as a part of this industry we urge the seafarers not to indulge in any illicit activity that can put you and your family in trouble.

Disclaimer: The information contained is purely based on reports available on an online platform. The company is not responsible for the content and will not be responsible for any decision made on the basis of such information.