Closelink is excited to announce that BW LPG has joined its marine lubricants procurement platform as a new customer. BW LPG is a globally leading LPG vessel owner and operator.

“We are proud to have been selected by BW LPG as a procurement solution provider”, says Philippe Lavarde, CEO of Closelink. “We look forward to supporting our client’s operations and contributing to their success in the industry.”

Closelink provides a procurement platform designed to help ship owners, managers, and operators leverage the benefits of category management in procurement. The platform initially focussed on the procurement of marine lubricants and has recently started to extend its portfolio. With a broad set of functionalities tailored to the sourcing of individual product categories, Closelink harnesses cutting edge technology and data analytics to reduce costs, facilitate demand planning and streamline the ordering process. In addition, the platform is used both by buyers and sellers, eliminating the need for endless exchange of emails.

“Closelink is a powerful platform for data-driven decision making, allowing our team to significantly optimize lubricants procurement by comparing available order options across multiple ports, products and suppliers with one click,” said Rick Ackermann, BW LPG Head of Procurement. “As the maritime industry continues to evolve and adopt new technologies, Closelink’s advanced data analytics will help us to stay ahead of the changing market and to eventually better serve our customers.”

With this latest partnership, Closelink continues to expand its footprint in the industry with a continuously growing customer base. “The signing of BW LPG, a key strategic client in Asia, marks another important milestone for us,” adds Aneeshmon Thankappan, Regional Business Development Manager at Closelink. “As we continue to extend the range of features available to our customers, we remain committed to delivering a reliable, highly secure digital solution to maritime purchasers in the consumables arena globally.”

Source: Hellenic Shipping News