Bureau Veritas (BV), a world leader in testing, inspection and certification, has awarded type approval certification to three of Navarino’s maritime solutions: ‘Infinity’, ‘Angel’, and ‘Spectrum’. The three solutions provide an innovative and pragmatic response to the requirements of both market and regulators to face the ever-growing threats related to cybersecurity in the industry.

Navarino is one of the world’s largest maritime technology companies with a global presence. The first of Navarino’s maritime solutions, ‘Infinity’, is installed on more than 9,000 vessels and is the most advanced maritime bandwidth management and optimization solution. The second solution, ‘Spectrum’, is a software suite designed to cater specifically to the needs of maritime IT managers. Navarino’s third maritime solution, ‘Angel’, is the first cybersecurity service designed and developed to meet the unique and diverse requirements of the merchant marine sector. These three solutions place Navarino at the forefront of maritime innovation, empowering its customers, while anticipating their future needs.

Throughout the Type Approval Certification process, BV provided guidance to ensure the cyber-resilience of all critical assets specified in the software and hardware architecture of the three inspected solutions. This was achieved through numerous working sessions and a rigorous evaluation of the solutions in terms of developed documentation and procedures, penetration testing and implementation of hardening reports. The final phase of the certification consisted of a survey that was performed to validate specific points such as equipment compliance, account and security policy, network architecture and security, recovery and patch management procedures.

Navarino CEO, Dimitris Tsikopoulos

Paillette Palaiologou, Vice President for South East Europe, Black Sea & Adriatic Zone at Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore, commented: ‘We can only be delighted that a company with such a strong presence in the maritime sector as Navarino has made a voluntary commitment to the cyber resilience of on-board equipment and solutions. The high quality standards that BV sets out are fully met by Navarino. Our partnership contributes to the success of the maritime industry’s global response as cyber-attacks continue to rise.’

Dimitris Tsikopoulos, Navarino CEO, said: ‘We are very proud that Bureau Veritas has certified our Infinity, Spectrum and Angel solutions with Type Approval. As the maritime sector’s digital evolution gathers pace at an ever-greater rate, choosing digitalisation tools that are designed precisely for maritime is important for ship operators to ensure that their vessels are able to enjoy the many benefits that technology can bring, and do so as safely as possible. This certification from Bureau Veritas is a highly respected seal of quality for our solutions that reflects the value of the technology tools we offer.’

Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore is a trusted partner to build and achieve compliance with cyber security best practices for all key stakeholders of the maritime ecosystem, including shipowners, shipyards, equipment integrators and manufacturers, as well as third-party service providers. BV has developed a comprehensive framework for cyber security based on its NR659 rules on cyber security for the classification of marine units. This framework outlines comprehensive organizational and technical measures, enabling shipowners to protect their assets, defining expectations for crews, shipyards and manufacturers.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News