Oil major BP, oilfield services provider Baker Hughes, and offshore driller Odfjell Drilling have entered into a tripartite agreement to work together to transform platform drilling and completions activity at the Clair field – the largest oilfield in Western Europe.

The three companies said in a joint statement on Thursday that, with this new five-year agreement, with the option to extend for a further four years, the Clair alliance aims to improve production across Clair, initially targeting a 15 per cent increase in average annual production on Clair Ridge, the second phase development of the field.

Odfjell Drilling said in a separate announcement on Thursday that, under the contract, it will continue with the provision of platform drilling and drilling maintenance services on three of BP’s platforms in the UK North Sea (Clair, Clair Ridge, and Andrew).

In addition, Odfjell Well Services will also provide integrated services covering equipment rental, wellbore clean up and tubular running services. The contract has recently started and replaced the previous platform drilling contract between Odfjell Drilling and BP.

The improved production on Clair will be achieved through drilling the best quality wells safely and more efficiently and harnessing the skills and expertise of each company in a single collaborative team, the three companies explained.

The new way of working will also use Integrated Operations Level (IO3) – the most progressive, technologically-advanced model for shaping offshore work and onshore support. IO3 features a single well services provider working as part of an integrated operating team, using enabling technologies to move tasks onshore from offshore.

The Clair alliance will have a new governance structure with a project management team onshore and personnel from BP, Baker Hughes, and Odfjell Drilling managing day-to-day drilling and completion operations offshore. The Clair alliance will be overseen by a steering group of representatives from all three companies.

Emeka Emembolu, Senior Vice President, BP North Sea said: “Maximising the Clair field’s 7bn barrel potential safely and efficiently is crucial to ensuring a sustainable future for our existing and future Clair developments.

“We believe the collaborative approach of the Clair alliance – where all parties work towards and are rewarded by achieving this common goal – is fundamental to achieving this and will be crucial in our mission to become the best oil and gas business we can in the North Sea”.

Marianne Davenport, Vice President, Oilfield Services Europe, Baker Hughes added: “Using progressive remote operations models and digital solutions, this alliance is an important milestone on the shared journey towards safer, more profitable and lower carbon intensity operations”.

Elisabeth Haram, EVP, Odfjell Energy said: “This alliance with BP and Baker Hughes will continue our long-term relationship and recognises the added value that comes from working collaboratively as one team with a strong focus on safe and efficient operations”.

Source: Offshore Energy