To assist seafarers and their mental wellbeing in coping with the challenges imposed by COVID-19 pandemic, BIMCO compiles a list of useful resources to enable seafarers to seek free, immediate and direct help. Members are highly recommended to inform their seafarers of this availability.

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented challenges for seafarers, whom in many cases, remain stuck at sea or stuck at home unable to travel and start their next job. This is a result of crew change restrictions imposed by governments in an attempt to prevent further spreading of the virus. These challenges are affecting seafarers and their work process and routines, a situation which is beyond their control. These challenges are also placing tremendous strain on their mental wellbeing and in some cases, have impacted the mental and physical well-being of some seafarers trying to cope with an extraordinary situation.

To assist seafarers and companies, BIMCO has compiled a list of resources for seafarers to reach out for mental health assistance. Members are highly recommended to inform their seafarers that this resource is now available for their use.

BIMCO related COVID-19 information:

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• Crew change challenges for overview on restrictions to crew change
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Source:- Hellenic Shipping News