Spanish ferry operator Baleària has reiterated its commitment to cleaner energies as it aims to become carbon neutral by 2050.

“Our goal is zero emissions in 2050. We are involved in projects linked to green hydrogen and renewable biomethane, and we are committed to gas as a transition fuel,” Adolfo Utor, Chairman of Baleària, pointed out.

In the first quarter of 2022, the shipping company had in operation nine ships with dual engines in which it has invested EUR 380 million, and which are compatible with the use of these CO2-neutral energies.

In 2021, the use of natural gas grew by 36% and allowed Baleària to stop emitting 56,000 tonnes of C02, despite the fact that in October it was forced to restrict its use to port-based manoeuvres and port.

This is a temporary measure that we adopted out of responsibility and to preserve the viability of the company in the face of the escalating price of this fuel”, Utor explained.

He also highlighted “the company’s determination to invest in projects linked to cleaner energies”.

The commissioning in 2021 of the eco-friendly fast ferry, the Eleanor Roosevelt, the first in the world with dual gas engines, combines this commitment to sustainability with another of the shipping company’s strategic lines — digitalisation.

“We continue to progress towards our goal of turning Baleària into a company that uses big data to guide decisions in real time with maximum efficiency”, Utor continued, informing that the company already monitors its fleet through the Control Tower.

In addition, seven of these ships have a sensor system that collects navigation and usage data in real time.

On 24 March, the Spanish company published its financial results for 2021, which showed that EBITDA has topped EUR 100 million for the first time.

The 103 million euros of EBITDA have enabled the company to offset the 15 million euros of losses from the previous year, repay debt, consolidate its solvency and continue with the scheduled investment plan.

“Despite this sector having been hit by the pandemic and mobility restrictions, we have handled this crisis by being an increasingly eco-efficient shipping company, committed to the region and with a vocation for public service,” Utor concluded.

Source: Offshore Energy