We spend our lives struggling with our own perception of others, doubting them, blaming them and fighting with them. As age catches up with us the animosity, jealousy and rivalry only tends to increase. Criticism becomes an enduring part of our lives. A lot of time is passed when we realize how distant we are from the people in our lives as a result of our own expectations. The aloofness rises to a level where we are not able to see the true nature of others. We learn to live with our own predispositions but avoid confronting our demons.

It is mortality that makes us appreciate people. We are able to see good in a person only after they have left this world. That is the only time when we part with our critical self and see the person for who he truly was. Obituaries in newspapers, candle march, prayer meetings and memorials are what makes us think about the virtuousness of people.  All the grudges, wrong doings, enmity and hatred washes away with a white cloth laid over it to be burned or buried. The flames burn away our hatred and mud covers our bitterness. Once the people have reached the white shores, our opinion about them becomes divine.

Is this because we stop expecting anything from them? Maybe they have been this good always and we couldn’t realize it because we were so self-consumed with our own values. Or is it because we are now not looking for our sole interests? Whatever be the reason, all these praises go unheard because the person they are for, can’t listen to them anymore. Our temperaments and views do not matter anymore.

We as humans should be empathic towards those around us. We should not be dependent on anybody or enforce our expectations upon them. Our ambition should not fluctuate by witnessing others’ progress but should be inspired by it. Other’s achievement should not give rise to envious competition. We should seek opportunities that evolve from our innovation rather than those that rise from competitiveness. We should aim to be the proud owner rather than being the jealous neighbour.

If we are complacent and unprejudiced then I believe that we can see each individual as a great person. With acceptance we can see others’ achievements as their fortes which strengthens relationships. We all have it in our hearts to love and respect people. All we need to do is learn to acknowledge the good in them.

Our perception about people cannot be right unless we start searching our souls for the truth and enlightenment. Carl Jung has said it right, “Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham