AkzoNobel Marine Coatings business has launched an enhanced version of the trusted and best-selling Interzone® 945, to provide even greater damage protection – and up to $1.5m versus a standard epoxy hold coating over a 15-year total cost of ownership (TCO) for vessel owners.*

The product, called Interzone 945GF, is able to provide high abrasion and impact protection for the most severe offshore and chemical environments found in vessel cargo holds – protecting against mechanical damage caused by cargoes, including coal, cement, scrap iron, clay, grain and paper.

Interzone 954GF has been developed from Interzone technology, with lower VOCs and quicker drying times, which enable vessels to get back in service up to 70 per cent faster than before. At 25 degrees, a vessel carrying hard cargoes could be back in service with just five days of curing time. This is quicker than most standard epoxy coatings on the market and more durable, which makes it a great fit for bulk carrier vessels.

The new coating is reinforced with chemically resistant lamellar glass flake for enhanced durability, abrasion and corrosion protection with excellent cathodic disbondment performance. With this, the interval between cycles of full recoating and refurbishment can be increased versus industry standard coatings. This allows Interzone 954GF to boost the savings you see over the lifetime of the scheme.

For the crew, the paint is perfect for repair in service due to its excellent surface tolerance to hand and power tool prepared steel substrates.

Chris Birkert, Marine Segment Manager at AkzoNobel Marine Coatings, says: “We are building on the proven performance and strong reputation of our Interzone brand with the introduction of Interzone 954GF.

“With lower VOC content as well as offering significant improvements in all areas of performance, we are able to save fleet owners time and money, ensuring their vessels are minimising the time they’re out of service.

“Application is also easier for shipyards, with quicker drying times and increased surface tolerance. This forms part of our complete range of cargo hold coatings, between Intershield® and Interbond®, all of which provide market leading abrasion resistance, for a variety of environments”.

Interzone 954GF is globally available, please contact your AkzoNobel representative who will be on hand to support vessel and fleet specific enquiries.

Source: Hellenic Shipping News