One has to accept themselves and conquer their emotions to attain success in life! It is important to be yourself and to understand where your adherence lies, without being compromised by your sentiments. May it be any feeling that you encounter but how you tackle those emotions will ultimately define you as a person.  Different forms of emotions reflect different responses. The time to embrace and time to refrain from embracing eventually gives a recognition to your personality. There are times when you voluntarily lean towards something or someone in order to strengthen the core and to become the best of yourself, even though you are well built. The creeper slowly climbs the tree grasping its strength and firmness to exhibit its mightiness to the rest of the world.

The mindset of others towards you is based on your independency but the respect is gained by the power you possess, may the source be the support or the firm root. There is a difference between actually respecting and showing respect, and being sharp, is the only way to sense the difference. The value is gained by the immense dedication towards desire and faith in oneself but the respect is earned trust. Widening a vision to get a larger view assist in finding aim but if you keep running around, you will never find contentment. Being standstill while destiny always guides a way, but whether to follow that route or to abandon it, is ultimately your pick. Choices make you or break you but the decisions manipulated by others will cripple you. Manipulation can be in any form but knowingly or unknowingly, it roots grow deeper into weakening you. The wrong one will sink you in its grief but the right one will keep you firm on the ground even when the process is onerous.

The unaltered commitment concerning your goal will make you keep going. The horses are made to wear blinders to restraint them from going directionless and to focus on what is in front, encouraging them to pay attention on the race rather than to the distractions that can be caused by the crowd. The moment you fall, others get ammunition to shame you into inaction and self-doubt. The only thing that matter is how you overlap the opinion of others to achieve yourself.

“Don’t compromise yourself – you’re all you have.” – John Grisham

-God Bless You

Mr. Roni Abraham