The Maritime Port and Authority, Singapore has reported that the vessel carrying the 15 COVID-19 positive Filipino workers that halted at Singapore for repairs and refuel had arrived from India on Aug 8, 2020.

The Bahama-registered vessel discovered its first case on the 12th of Aug. The next day gave rise to 4 more infected seafarers and finally, by the end of the week, 15 crew members were reported to have coronavirus. Of those, 5 members were asymptomatic and hence, the entire crew had to be swab-tested to check for traces of illness.

A technician who entered the ship after its arrival to aid with the repairs and maintenance was later tested positive for the virus too, said the Ministry of Health (MOH). The man was one of the 3 community cases reported that week.

The 15 tested seafarers were made to move ashore immediately to be under medical supervision while the unaffected members remain in quarantine. Disembarkation is not allowed. However, the vessel will be disinfected completely to avoid any sort of exposure to the virus.

The MPA confirms that “Provisions are lifted up the ship to the crew to minimise physical contact,” as the ship isn’t undergoing any operation, nor are the members allowed ashore.

The tally in Singapore has now raised to 55,938 cases as of Aug 18, 2020, after a new addition of 100 cases. 82 people are currently in hospital. The death toll stands at 27.

Source:- Marine Insight